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We love the mountains and we love the Swiss cuisine.
Both of us have grown up in the world of Gastronomy, and since we were born, hospitality has been a part of who we are.

Up here in Furi Zermatt, we are living our dream.
With our restaurant Les Marmottes and our holiday apartments Renard and Mouton, we have combined: family, agriculture
and hunting, with our love of the mountains and our passion to host.


Nadine & Robi

Enjoyment is: Knowing where your food comes from – this is our passion! We run our own small farm with Black-Nose-Sheep from Valais, where we grow our own organic vegetables and herbs. Our Eringer beef is sourced from Valais.

Enjoyment for us, also means: Taking our time. We consciously switch back a gear, so we can rejoice in the beauty of nature, treat our resources with respect and enjoy the simple things in life.


and her attention to detail

Her attention to detail you can see, smell and taste everywhere: In the summer, Nadine grows fragrant herbs in the garden. In the winter, the dried herbs add to the cosy atmosphere of the Restaurant, and gives the food an unforgettable taste. As well as her love of gardening and creating, her third passion is baking! No doubt about it, anyone who tries Nadines house cake, will absolutely love her homemade recipe.


and his hunting

Robi is passionate about agriculture in the summer, and guests in the winter. In autumn, hunting makes his heart beat faster. Every year in september, the time comes for Robi to go on the high hunt for 2 weeks, and then until the end of october on the low hunt. The shot game is prepared at Les Marmottes, a culinary delight that our guests love and appreciate.




Enjoyment is:
Having the perfect place to stay
Clean look ...



Holidays mean:
Feeling a sense of wellbeing
Clean look ...



Holidays mean:
Feeling completely relaxed /Feeling completely at ease
Clean look ...

T +41 (0) 27 - 9 67 82 82



Nadine & Robi Perren
Furi 209
CH 3920 Zermatt



+41 (0) 27 - 9 67 82 82

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