Les Marmottes, the marmots, love the mountains, fresh herbs and the cosiness of winter, just like us.
We love to share all we are passionate about, with our guests.

We look forward to seeing you!

Sincerely Yours, Family Perren and
the Les Marmottes team



When the first snow falls and the marmots go in to hibernation Les Marmottes awakens.

In winter we pamper our guests every day and we are there for you through out your stay.


Knowing where your food comes from.

We source, herbs from your own garden, self-shelled game, Eringer beef from Valais, lamb from your farm and our vegetables from the region. In our kitchen our ingredients are prepared with creativity and a passion that is reflective of our love for Swiss cuisine.


For a relaxing stay with us

It is not only the marmots who love the cosy indoors when it gets cold outside.
We also love a pleasantly warm atmosphere. We have lovely quaint rooms that are beautifully designed, with much attention to detail.
Whether it's a quiet table for two, a table with friends or a celebration, we provide the perfect place for every occasion.


For an amazing sunny outlook

Snow-capped mountains, bright sunshine, breathtaking views, winter in Zermatt could not be more beautiful. And there is no better place, than Les Marmottes, to enjoy wonderful culinary delights, delicious drinks, tasty home-baked cakes and our freshly brewed coffee.


find us

In the ski area» Klein Matterhorn « The Restaurant Les Marmottes, is at Furi in Zermat where the marmots live.

We can also be reached on foot or by mountain railway. You can go up to Furi station, and then take a leisurely 8 minute walk uphill and this will lead you directly to us.

T +41 (0) 27 - 9 67 82 82



Nadine & Robi Perren
Furi 209
CH 3920 Zermatt



+41 (0) 27 - 9 67 82 82

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